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Campaign Help - Temporal Stone


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Hi, everyone! 

I'm working on leveling my first character, and I'm (honestly) really into the story line so far. I got to a certain quest where I need a "temporal stone" to activate something in the abyss to proceed. I can't buy one on the broker (I don't have enough kinah). Is there a way I can make them? I'm not sure what to do and just wanna finish the story. Thanks a million for any help! (Also looking for an active guild that doesn't mind first-timers. I'm currently maining Elyos on Katalam.) :) 

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I have purchased several Temporal Stones, and I keep them just to send to other players that need them.

I am Elyos - DN server. You can ask me, or just ask for someone to send you one on Chan 3 chat. We can attach the stone to an in game email.

Email Subject: Get (Temporal) Stone(d)

Email Text:

"This getting stone(d) is for medicinal purposes only."


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Someone with Alchemy skill at 199 can craft a temporal stone. Usually there is one on the broker, search for it (Type in the search bar in the Broker Window.) If you are KT Asmo or DN Elyos I have toons that can craft them. Send Elemental Stone as many as you have - the yellow ones - to Kadeth. I will keep the spare stones so that if someone who cannot get the stones need a Temporal Stone, I'll have enough to craft one for them.


Kadeth is not my crafter on either but, that is the one name I have on both servers. KT Asmo and DN Elyos.

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