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Cleric elite grind advice.


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7 hours ago, Wrathchild-KT said:

Since we’re a having a population issue, I looking forward to solo grind lvl 28 elites @ Kaindan mine.

As a cleric what manastones/gear would you advice me?

HP is important, unless you want them to one shot you.

Put in a blinding sigma stone, depending on your gear you might need MA if you are getting a lot of resists.

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Leather evasion set - All monster auto attacks check against evasion/parry, including magical auto attacks (Leather gear have highest base evasion)

Level 28 Kaidan Sharpeye have about 780 accuracy, so around 1080 evasion will reach 30% evasion rate cap for that mob (and watch out his 418-571 base attack)

You can fill the rest of the manastone slots with parry too

And don't forget to get all the concentration accessories and headgear


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After lots of deaths soloing some Fire Temple mobs on my cleric (stand still no kiting, level 10 white staff and empty gloves slot except when fighting Rotan, to avoid exceeding evasion cap), I bring you detailed monster stats of some of the Fire Temple mobs:

Fire Temple Monster Stats (WIP)

Focusing on level 33 mobs for this time (and the level 34 Gargoyles which there are many), the higher level mobs to be done later when my cleric gets higher level

(Haven't tested whether you can block magical auto attacks with a shield or not, my cleric used a staff to do these tests)

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