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Unbalanced PvP - Sorcerer


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I would like to get a dev’s response on this if possible. 

Running chanter on 1600 mres, 8.5K HP, 220 elemental defense. 

Stacking Elemental Defense Food + Elemental Defense Scrolls + Elemental Defense Mantra, brings me at 220 Elemental Defense. 

Putting Aetheric Field on,  and a sorcerer that is measly geared can still 2 shot me. 

9,091 critical hit from lightburst

7,893 crit from inferno.  


Can someone advise on how is this balanced by any stretch of the imagination?  There isnt a single class right now who can fight a sorc


I suggest they nerf their damage or introduce magical defense as a stat or magic suppresion. Those stats were added for a reason in later patches because DevS realized that mage classes are too broken damage wise.  
I am not renewing my subscription and will no longer play until this is addressed.

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We won't get 2.0 for a year if not longer, and OP has a good point, sorcs are broken, asmo sorcs in particular. there is no counter to boon of quickness + supplication of focus + full MB set. the same is also true for SMs; insta fear -> chain fear

a good starting point would be simply removing BoQ and BoS, or at least make asmos use BoS instead

posting about it here is pointless though, NCwest has no authority over the actual game mechanics. the only way to have influence over game mechanics would be by leaning Korean and complaining on KR forums

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