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Gojira Take Two... almost as bad as the first


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Why did they think this was a good event idea? I've opened 3 chests and gotten 5x Sweet Wine and 2 empty bags. So 20 minutes to lose an inventory space. At this point, can NCSoft not just throw a bone to the losers who've decided to stick with this game and make the event actually worthwhile?

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1 hour ago, Alexandriae said:

So, considering the event is going on for 2 weeks now, will we ever see a fix for our empty treasure bundles from opening the chests? I'd hate to have missed out on a godstone from this... 


That is working as intended. You don't always get something it says has a CHANCE to get the following items.  Most keys will give you either nothing or wine. Everything else is probably low % 

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