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Siege still nyerked.


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@Loki  @Kibbelz

So we  cant even take a Lower Fort  (Sulfur) because deity has more HP than 2x Upper fortress gates.

I know you said you'd fix stuff before next siege but yea... Also nice job locking my thread, i guess will have to keep making new one everytime :)

Are you guys aware theres  like 100 active players MAX on IS ? How tf are we suposed to even play this game anymore

ALSO kind of unrelated but..

Are you guys gonnna do something about  not being able to farm stuff to disenchant to lvl up our gear or  we are doomed to play with unenchanted pvp gear because of a lack of enchantment stones?


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Siege HP values need fixed Asap. It's critical that this is fixed over the weekend, if not tomorrow morning before more siege. And of course there needs to be an announcement about it so faith is restored to the player base (regarding sieging anyway) - A survey would be the best way to let the playerbase know.

The longer this goes on the more players will leave the game since it's halting progression to get medals for ap gear, and the population of the game in general is already dwindling.

Current gamebreaking/progression halting problems that need fixed
#1 Siege HP Values
#2  gold drops to Brusth/Theo
#3 untradeable white items/quest items

Let's not forget to mention how low pop IS is... with even more players quitting daily because the problems listed above.

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Do we know if there was at least an adjustment? Maybe they just messed up implementing the change.

If they did make a change then it appears it wasn't enough. This is fine I guess... we just have to keep letting them know how it is going so they can keep adjusting accordingly. Honestly.. it was probably fine how it was in the past. Our population was still taking quite a bit to take forts back then. They just don't realize how low our population is compared to KR...


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