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  1. I hear you, I did something similar in the chocolate event the last days only. But i did log my main and few alt accounts I dedicated to do this. They could at least turn those coins into event coins.
  2. Well I got the lunar mount and it is enough, after all I can only use one mount and getting more is either expensive or requires a lot of work for now plus they would simply get more slots in my inventory for no reason. One will do, it is not like I am super active and it is not like I am going to be active anytime soon as long as 7.x exists at least.
  3. After some thought I decided not to do it on any additional chars, I have already tried 9 times and they all failed. Imagine me doing lugbug daily every day on 12 chars just to get to try and fail again in all of them, there is no incentive in trying more like s-minion update that every time you fail you get a bigger chance. Every time I try the chance will be near zero. This would simply make me quit the game by the end of the event. I'd rather call it a day, accept that I will still be a 2nd grade player and avoid pvp like a plague. Aion 7.x is an utter garbage when it comes to pro
  4. Someone that got it told me he tried 20 times before he managed to get a weapon. Here is how this would only work, with 8800 you can get a solar and a lunar weapon, and with another 4000 you can get a meteor (unless I am wrong about what those BCM sales give). I think you need all 3 weapons to be able to get the skill books with the regen buffs. I might try the alt method you said, I have 12 geared alts in my account so I can do the daily 12 times per day lol, that would take ages of course.
  5. Aaaaand another alt that had some enchants, 4 more tries and all failed. So far 9/9 fails. Unless someone is p2w and is willing to spend hundreds of dollars on BCM, there is no reason to try this. I should have known this was another enchant sink event because the previous one was also an enchant sink event.
  6. I tried an alt with 2 tries for the meteor weapon (because it gives the two skills) and they both failed So it is 10% confirmed? If yes then that means I should stop trying, 10% in Aion means 0% for sure. If you think about it, legendary enchants on ultimate gear also mean 50% chance and they some times fail 20 times in a row.
  7. I also get dc some times when I go to the shared maps or when I get into an instance. This along with the pin bug are not actual bugs but game features, we have to accept them and move with them as they will neve be fixed.
  8. So far I tried 3 times to get the solar weapon... I keep getting cookies! This event is pretty much over for me, I am not going to waste real money to get enchants and there is no way to get these enchants ingame. ...might as well I get all 3 unicorns for my collection and continue to hybernate in aion until the next big revamp where you make all of these obsolete. I am actually going to open a ticket to see if these are restorable.
  9. So the amount of enchants we need is bigger than the previous one. What a joke.
  10. In this case it is wiser not to claim the lugbug instantly until you need the time then. I am usually only spending a few minutes in shared maps so I rarely lose enough time to use it daily.
  11. Every non f2p game is actually cheaper to play and more enjoyable, this is a universal truth. In EU you are free to login but you can hardly play the game for free since everything is limited. You need a gold pack which gives unlocks basic features of the game and gives a ton of additional benefits... and it costs 5 euros (or about 6$). Of course Aion EU is not anything better just because of pay to play, but at least they have more active GMs and their servers are in much better standing because here someone can have 500 account bots, but in EU those 500 account bots would have to pay f
  12. Well I hope this time this event is less RNG and less p2w then, because the previous one was 100% p2w, a normal player could have never manage to make those solar/lunar weapons. I happened to have stacked a ton of legendary enchants and I thought I could make a weapon, I wasted 300 of them and they were the brokerable ones, I could have sold them for a total of 12B back then and instead I got 0 in return. Nothing. I saw people getting much more than what I did with less enchants too, or so they said. For me 300 legendary enchants later = 0 outcome. I could have thrown them in the garbage
  13. The best thing will be to bring new recipes for new mats. This way we won't have to sit for hours, first transforming new mats to old ones and then morphing.
  14. These weird events again. Last time I wasted 300 legendary enchants and got nothing.
  15. My all time favorite (probably due to nostalgia) is the Dark Elf Village from Lineage II. A destroyed underground city with gothic blue mood and a big Shillen statue in the middle that drain lighting from air.
  16. I am sure the aesthetics of a single map don't play that huge of a role for people quitting etc, but I agree 100% on this part by mere aesthetics. The abyss seemed like an unfriendly necessity that lacked any charm. You can make dark places with a lot of charisma, like gothic style, dark steampunk style, hellish style, vampiric style etc. Plenty of people could appreciate that look. The abyss though was nothing but a dark gray floating mass of rock, nothing to catch the eye, it was as stale as it could be for a map and it was also in 3D since we could fly everywhere so we could get a
  17. Will we ever get an update on those issues please? Either bring back the recipes to turn new mats to old or at least update the recipes to use the new mats. I was enchanting some gear and I wasted 32 enchants to get the item from +10 to +12 (I weas aiming at +13 but it kept failing so I stopped when it became +12 at some point). Those 32 enchants could have been turned to 6 ultimate enchants and it would most likely mean the item would have been +15. There is no way to get ultimate enchants anymore.
  18. I totally agree. There should always be a way to turn the current event currency to event coins.
  19. Because loot boxes are gambling and kids shouldn't gamble. https://gameworldobserver.com/2021/03/09/german-authorities-pass-reform-bill-loot-boxes/ Germany never ceases to amaze me, they have bestiality brothels (you heard damn correctly) but god forbid if your kid plays a game with a box that has RNG into it.
  20. "Obsolete" is the wrong word here, they were not obsolete, they have pretty much the same rewards, only 1~2 changes and some changes are only in the amount we get (same item different amount). Obsolete means it is useless or no longer relevant rewards. Some of our enchant boxes give us an [Event] Legendary PVE enchant, another one gives [BCM] Legendary PVE Enchant. Is one obsolete next to the other? Last year boxes are still as relevant as the new ones, it was a reward and it was deleted without prior knowledge. A main difference is that instead of transforms 62 types, we
  21. They could still try to fix things, we already had a game retardification in 6.0. They need to do something similar and this time bring back the good things and stop the madness about making every class a canon in dmg. Right now the game has everything wrong and misses everything right and fun. the wrongs are the exclusive things people have that make them walking machines, the special items like dazzling gemstones, high runestones etc, like they removed the godstones and they re-implemented more godstone-like items like runes and the imbued weapons and the passive skills from gear.
  22. It is a group kill. If you are in an alliance then the group with the highest registered dmg would get the kill.
  23. All they had to do is tell people beforehand that the previous stormwing chests would be deleted before the new event, so they should have opened them.
  24. This is why you never bother with any event that has a box with a very good reward but it is RNG and there is also a chance to get a sh!tty reward. I posted this one the weekly maintenance and boy was I right?
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