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  1. Because when you accept that the algorithm is flawed the best you can do is learn its behavior. This is what we did back in 5.8 and we managed to enchant our weapons to +25 or more. There were peopel that couldn't even make them +15 and I still have my 2x +27 weapons from 5.8 (one went to +29 but it never went past that)
  2. The chance is much lower than 20% there is no question to that.
  3. This type of RNG is not a real game breaker, and if classic comes now most people will be wise to have more than 1 chars to farm those things and trade them to their mains. We were learning the game back then and I remember people making posts about how impossible is to socket all 6 slots (if one failed they all went poof, then they implemented the supplements and then the felicitous socketing, which then they removed from game to re-implement it later with the flawless socket manastone thing). But if classic comes now, with all the RNG diarrhea we were fed all these years, nobody would c
  4. Giving open world pvp rewards is like asking for two things: Kill trade Low areas ganging (we will simply see elyos inside gelkmaros city more often and asmodians inside inggison city more often) PvP in aion is dead because 5% of the players have reached god mode with exclusive OP items and the rest 95% are walking dummies to them.
  5. Well I cannot help you in-game then, I am on Asmodian KT, I would have taken you for some power leveling on easy mode until you ttriggered another campaign series.
  6. Exactly, once an item reaches +10 for example, if you keep enchanting it ti will fail for 20 times straight even though the chance is like 50% chance to succeed. And it happens so consistently that we made rules about it. once it goes to +10 leave it for some time and try later.
  7. But you just said it yourself, RNG is there but it is not driving the goals. 6.5 also had RNG in enchants, sockets, crafts etc... but you could get your end game pvp gear from doing pvp instances, your end game pve from doing pve instances. Eventualy you did the goal. Now there is no goal, many things are hidden behind hard mode instances that are impossible and others are based exclusively in p2w tactics. In 6.x when you got your Lakrum pvp +15 and a legendary transform, you were ready to pvp and do everything. In 7.x getting bitterthorn+15 is the first stage to be able to get ou
  8. They don't even know they have a "list" the list they showed us was probably a script they run with key words and simply made a chart for "word appearance rates" or something. Because what is holding them back from putting good skins for example? Who told them that "wonderland skin" is what we wanted for Vallentines? It looks like a carnival suit for the males, like a clown, this is not the carnival season yet.
  9. I kinda felt bad for you not getting replies by anyone, I promise myself I will never try to help you at all even if ti seems you are ignored by everyone. I have 4k messages and the vast majority of them are helping posts. You have close to 1k posts and all of them are nonsense and also shitposting (writing irrelevant stuff our of your a$$). I let you know you need to use the forums properly if you want it to be effective to you. this is not my life, I log, look at the unread posts and then reply to those that I have 5 cents to give, it doesn't take me more than 10 minutes really. I
  10. The lakrum ticket quests no longer give genesis crystals but XP, that will have to be updated.
  11. Yes, I did that, I saw the npc that said this information, I also killed the 701 and 712 camps, the 712 was harder to get crystals, I had to kill the captain when it was enemy captured (kill an elyos captain), when it was balaur and I was killing it, I didn't get crystals if I remember. Anyway I went there and I did an s-rank with super easiness, I didn't forget a thing, it is like learning how to bike. But the chests have like 1~2 rune shards and the s-rank gave me something similar. It is the most useless instance and the mechanics to get in is literally in-explainable. If they mad
  12. Arhangelos-KT


    Where are you from? Many people have issues with the new ISP on NA servers (they are in Amazon services now). The only thing you could do is get a cheap ping reduction if your ping is that high. A BCM item that has a few items meant for a new player. It is 1 per account, you cannot get a second one, it has some enchants and some other stuff for a very low price.
  13. As long as you have the slots for more connections you can do them. Obviously the more you connect the more your pc will have to handle them, in new motherboards that is not an issue of course. But you should be asking these questions to the "Player to Player" support because this is irrelevant to the topic, no shade, it is better for you to get help that way in a stand alone thread that you will start.
  14. What server/faction are you? When you are a returning player and you cannot get any campaigns, you need to level a little bit to trigger a campaign for you. Because the campaigns are a series and throughout the patches we got changes, whoever was already higher level was excluded from the lower level campaigns up to their level. In this case you can do any blue quest to level up and then catch up the rest of the campaigns. Thankfully there is no campaign that is important for your progress other than just giving good XP, meaning you can get to level 80 without doing a single campaign and
  15. You have maximized that stat then, once you max a stat the cubicles for that stat are useless, you can just use them in transmutation thingy.
  16. I didn't know these mechanics, I knew it was "at least 6 months" at best case scenario, but even if it was 1 year, it would still set a long term goal. And since I do not know all the mechanics of it, running it on 12 chars would make it better, unless there is a catch (like the lugbug transforms that you need breath of transformation which is limited sales) We can't argue it would have been better to actually get that implemented than hoping for a promotion event which we don't even know what it will ask/offer.
  17. And then by killing the captain again would turn into the opposite camp again. Think of it as lakrum camps or katalam camps, they do not belong to anyone until someone claims them. This way going to an enemy map and claiming a camp WITH quests for your side would make the game better. right now if the enemy kills a captain on enemy map camp, the only thing done is preventing that camp from being functional for 2 hours.
  18. They need to give us the newest patch that Korea has, they make something like the lugbug weekly that gives us legendary for free every 2 months. I am not saying it is a lugbug affiliated thing, but you can farm an ultimate approximately every 6 months. They got it in Korea and it is a game feature not an event. If anything they should rush this thing to our side and forget about promotions that benefit only a few that already have accumulated transforms. This is what I personally constantly said from start, a simple sure way to put a goal to get into end game content no matter how l
  19. Every luna material was already in BCM since 6.2 came live to NA. Acquiring luna's light is not harder we always get the s-rank pouch with the lugbug daily now, in afk mode in luna daily instance we could get S-rank but also A-rank and A-rank had a chance to not give luna's light. Of course 3/4 of the time we got s-rank and that 1/4 we got a-rank we still got luna's light most of the times because the chance was high. For a main it is super faster to get the pouch now, it takes me less than 5 minutes to do the 50 kills when daily luna wasn't fast due to the need to wait for the waves to s
  20. Transforms are also meant to be server wide onl, we got a better version on this along with the fact we cannot go lower with 2x combines that fail.
  21. That would make me get prestige and run pve instances after almost 1,5 years of not doing any pve instance. Heck I would even reset if needed.
  22. Dats some 90s mIRC vibe right there, the pros would even script the "loser" with a different text colour for each letter like "loser" and people would think he dropped a bomb because he is so cool knowing how to make text colour and text images.
  23. But it is not like the developers don't already know all that, they did have an awesome system with the cubicle instance for cubicles... how simple was that!!! And it worked. Even better we had cubicle upgrades, use 5x bronze for 1x silver, 5x silver for 1x gold. They are those that took their own working creation and turned it into utter bs. No more cubicle instance, no more cubicle upgrades, open world grinding to get cubicles, and the cubic instance itself suck for the purpose it is there, you cannot get platinum cubicles for the bosses which is what actually matters (unless they chang
  24. Lets hope they see the necrosis of the game then, as long as Korea had a lot of players they thought they were doing a great job, if even the asian players can no longer tolerate the game then they went full wrong. *** Also p2w will not be a problem if it only means faster progression, in this case even prestige would count as p2w. But when you can only get exclusive items via p2w, or when you have an event for sales or even worse an event where you need to use 1000x legendary enchant stones in hope to get an op weapon that gives you skills and invincibility then that is where it went f
  25. It would have been 2,8% chance if my +11 skill went to +12 with 16x books... mine is still +11. To see my statistic I need to keep enchanting until it goes to +12 and then calculate it. The problem with this is that it is supposed to be 20% which is quite a chance and so far mine is less than 2,8%
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