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  1. We need to talk about the Chanter...

    That's some awesome artwork skill you got going there.
  2. Finest weapon flux

    knew that, but their price is quite expensive. In siel in the broker they go for usually 2-5k only.
  3. I would like to know where those things usually drop. Very few incoming on the broker. I would like to know where to get them so i can farm them myself. Thanks if anyone knows.
  4. Glad and Temp what to socket on set?

    Wut ? Cheap where ? And what kind of cheap ?
  5. I1m pretty sure the missing chance applies before 6 or 7 levels difference.
  6. This is something that it's going to shock some of you. It's a well hidden secret in Aion. So secret that only a few chosen know about it. They distract you talking about SMs, ATs, Templars, Clerics and sorcs. But the real truth is that the most OP class in this game is the Chanter. But you will say well, SMs and sorc own Chanter. Well, any Chanter will a decent MS set will be immortal to those classes. It's not even a fight. But you will say, well, a plate with UD, att buffs can destroy a chanter any day. Well, the truth is that Chanters laugh at UD as they can go through it easily, and assuming you are not going to be stunlocked in UD to death when fighting one, they still can fight defensively till your attack buffs run out, and when that happens you are basically a sitting duck to a chanter. Let's not even talk about a fight without UD, in which case you are a dead duck. And lets not even bring his 2k dp which is the same as a berserker, except better and have a very small CD, very usefull on arenas... But you will say, well, sins can stun lock a chanter any day and has enough damage to kill him. Sry to say, but with 2 remove shocks and tons of demand stuns, the Chanter is going to stun lock you, not the opposite, and you will be dead before you can say Azphelumbra. And lets not forget how absurd is the advantage of constant healing with no CDs, no MP consumption problem, etc. Chanter is basically a walking tank(a very fast walking tank) that regens itself to complete health every 15 sec. This must be fixed ASAP,