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  1. I'm with @Vantheria on this. I'm not sure who told you that set drops in Alquima but they're wrong. That is Master Noble Durable Drenium Plate. It has never be available as a drop. It was an armor smithing master craft in previous patches. It was available as a skin set through the BCM for a long time but considering the current and extremely neglected state of the cash shop I wouldn't hold my breath. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Oh boy. It took a little digging but... unless someone has these stashed in a cabinet on a piece of tradeable gear AND is willing to sell them to you they are NOT available. The chest, pants, shoes and gloves are all Deft Counsel's Cloth (dyed True White). The scarf is even more rare. That is the Reian Rebel Leather shoulders from OC Rentus. That bugger hasn't been in the game in ages. Now for the worse news. Even if you were to acquire all of these pieces you can't wear them all due to the 6.0 changes that restrict armor to classes. T.T
  3. Stormwing skins along with what looks like Prowess sets will make a return to the game starting April 8th in Korea with the 7.6 patch The Secret Sword. These are either Aetherforged or come out of the level 80 updated Beshmundir Temple of Storm. [Source] https://shugogirl.tumblr.com/post/614419222062399488/aion-76-the-secret-sword
  4. Old cruci skins are available as unproc'ed T1 Ultimate Aetherforged gear. (Ultimate Conquer/Monarch). You'll need a full 300 in Aetherforging to craft them or a friend who is willing to craft and sell them via broker to you.
  5. *Places a brick on the spacebar* ....my work here is done.
  6. First person to get the Tiamat transform must spam "Tiamat destroys everrray thang" in PVP. It's the law. It's just Kunax plate with a cape. The Red Katalam pvp gear has the same skin.
  7. They have a page up.... https://www.fuser.com/en-us
  8. Cubic bundles are only giving 4 types of silver cubics when opened; Argrint's Mind Trico's Blessing Malador's Will Oculazen's Rationality Been running Evergale all week on about 10 different toons. Have yet to have anything other than those 4 come out when opening bundles. There should be 13 types in the bundle: Argrint's Mind Trico's Blessing Malador's Will Oculazen's Rationality Garkion's Life Worg's Lunacy Griffon's Wisdom Starturtle's Protection Scolopen's Aegis Airon's Agility Specter's H
  9. Unless they're adding another way to get enchantment stones the gear gap just went from achievable to Grand Canyon. Seriously tho, why? Why remove them from PVE instances and limit boxes. It throttles gear progression to an absurd degree. I can see a lot of players getting frustrated with this and just throwing in the towel.
  10. Naa I never liked Beritra's Aquarium. It's just seems to be a pattern. Every time they give us a new zone they nuke another. Every time they add new instances is they delete a few so we always have roughly the same number. I am glad they are adding Iggy/Gelk forts back and PVP in Silentra again. I liked that in previous patches and am kinda looking forward to it again.
  11. Soo everytime they give us a new patch they're gonna nuke a zone (Cygena/Enshar this time) and bring back crap we hated (unlimited enchantment EXPLODING gear)? *Screams into pillow* Seriously if my potato could run anything else I wouldn't even be here now...
  12. Copy and paste of Deava Dash only we're plushies? Yikes! I like regular Deava Dash with the skin transforms, bugs and all, way better.
  13. This isn't just happening to you guys, it's happening on the Asmo side as well. and yeah, it looks deliberate.
  14. This wouldn't have anything at all to do with them selling Luna crafting items individually on the BCM, now would it?
  15. I just... there is no sane, logical, Azphel-nerking good reason for this. If however it's part of your continuing plan to nyerk off what little remains of your player-base and drive them AWAY from the game so you can ultimately shut down the servers, well... IT'S WORKING!
  16. And for those of us without digital real estate?
  17. Eastern Gothic was given out as contest rewards years ago. As one of the few (only active??) players to have it I have to say it is waaaay past time to add it to events or the BCM. Eastern Gothic [item: 110901131] Eastern Hairpin [item: 125045671] Additionally I'd like to request that the male only Enforcer's Longcoat [item: 110901137] Enforcer's Hairstyle [item: 125045677] be added as well.
  18. I am a solo player and I've been running ultra casual since patch. The content is just meh. I pop in, do a few things, change toons, repeat and leave. Not using transforms is a choice. I try not to overly impose my play style on others. CoE - If you group with someone and they say "transform or be kicked", they're an idiot. K bye. I'll just dual-box. FM/BoS - These instances are not timed. You do not get bonus points or better drops by speed running it. Relax. Breathe. It's supposed to be fun. Look at it like a challenge. How far can you get before you absolutely have to slap on a tr
  19. Thank you. It's nice to know I'm not the only lunatic out there that does quests, camps and even some instances "naked" because I refuse to use the transformation system. I never buy plastic surgery tickets because I spent hours in character creator getting it right the first time. And I DESPISE the idea of being forced to turn into some damn plushie because the developer wanted to force more monitization into the game. I currently refuse to buy anything off the BCM. First off whats in the BCM is terrible and not worth buying and second there is no point in paying real money for a cosmeti
  20. Is this because you boys nerked up the faction balance more than it already was? Oh who are we kidding? You've never cared about balance. Also I have some of the most exclusive skins in the game and they're sitting in my warehouse gathering dust. Why? BECAUSE I CAN'T SEE THEM! You want us to spend $$ on the BCM? Then give us something worth buying. Give us TRANSPARENT SCROLLS by the nyerk-ton and load the BCM with skins. Not just a select rotation - ALL OF THEM! Let us buy the Legendary Daevanion skills. I'm certainly not gonna get them in game. Even when the shug
  21. Still no legendary skills for any of my toons either. I've resorted to dual-boxing instances (which just about murders my potato) in the slim hope of getting one. Even events leave me empty-handed. So far I've only gotten transformation scrolls. Not a deava skill in sight. ......Just put them on the BCM already and take my money.
  22. The only Non-RNG way to get Grade A minions is to cash $$. Buy lockbox keys and open Black Cloud Lockboxes until you have enough Lockbox Coins to purchase the minion you want from the vending machine. Sooo.. yeah I'm still upgrading my B ranks and making blood sacrifices to RNGeesus. ...He still hates me.
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