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Leather chanter


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For pvp you would need 50e leather, which takes months to get. You would contribute no damage, so 1v1 physical classes would just walk away from you and magical classes would blow you up. In dredgion it'd be useless because chanters never get focused. Also hope you don't get hit with a -evasion debuff, which all physical damage classes have, negating your entire build. It would only have use in the arena if they release it, because people can't run from you. Most chanters just full dps, hp, block, or magic resist instead.

For group pve, it doesn't help, except against some boss adds. You'd lose concentration though which might be a problem. May as well just use anuhart chanter set, for which there is no leather option for chanters.

For soloing, you don't need anything defensive.

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My monster stats spreadsheet (mainly Elysea / Abyss)

Here you can see how much accuracy and weapon damage of some lower-level monsters have (low-30's and below). Evasion helps mostly against elite mobs which deal huge amounts of auto attack damage. Leather armor gives most evasion out of the 4 armor types.

Magical auto attacks from monsters check against evasion / parry, not MR.

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Parry reduces the damage of the parried attack by 40% while other effects remain

Evasion completely nullifies all damage and effects of the evaded physical skill, and causes the skill chain to break.

  • Note: some monster skills are magical spells that deal physical damage - these check against MR instead, but can also be parried.
  • Some monster skills have a property that make them not resistable (such as more powerful skills used by Esoterrance bosses). They can't be evaded/parried/blocked/resisted.
  • Some monster physical attack skills may have an always-accurate property that make them unable to be evaded / parried / blocked (similar to Gladiator's Sure Strike)
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