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Change 2nd dredge time back to 9PM EST


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Currently second siege clashes with upper abyss siege at 7PM EST on both saturday and sunday. Not to even mention how it's straight in the middle of dinner time for the entire east half of NA. It's unplayable for both of these reasons, since before it was prime time for NA, now it's prime time for literally no one. Who decided to change it to 2 hours earlier? Do you even know what siege times are in game? Did you even check that it clashes? My guess is no. Change it back.

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Some people enjoy these new times. I know I do lol. It allows me to run dreg without cutting on my sleep schedule. 

9 EST is late, 1 PM and 1 AM are impossible if we have a job within regular hours. 

Arena are at the same time as all these things too. Doesn't mean they're wrong. 

It's not like sieges were real sieges anymore anyway. Even then, Dreg is open for 2 hours, there's plenty of time if one wants to go after siege.  


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I'm finding this new one perfect too (as all eu players) as now i can join it. The past one for eu was something like 4am.

Also is enjoyable just after siege.

I understand this is an Usa server but also for usa players the more players join the dredge and the faster are the queues ;)

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