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Weekly Server Maintenance - May 11, 2022 [Classic]


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  • Aion Team

Greetings Daevas!

Tomorrow we will be holding our regularly scheduled maintenance for Aion Classic. Downtime will begin at 6am Server Time (4am PT / 7am ET / 12pm UTC), and will conclude after approximately 2 hours.

The following changes will be coming to the game during this maintenance:

Thank you!

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  • Rin featured this topic

@RinHi while these AP weekends are a help will you consider making them run for a week,the problem is if  a faction control lower forts how can any player  sub 45 farm AP?

All this week elyos control all lower forts making it impossible for a Elyos to even farm AP,having only 2 days too farm is a very limited window if the faction wont let them turn baluar or asmo.

Also will you guys ever consider adding gear passes/wraps for a limted time so we can use up Crowns and AP on characters we are not going too play and players could also sell unwanted gear which would also help people.

Its really frustrating that something we either earnt or paid for cannot be stored in account warehouse and you guys refuse too transfer items to characters.It really shouldnt matter players earnt the items regardless of which character we would like to use them on.

AS too double drops will you guys consider increasing Zapiels spawns and hugely increasing drops so at least some Boe weapons might hit broker  because theres nothing ever on there.Thanks

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3 hours ago, Kynurenigh said:

Please stop doing the same events over and over again.

What a silly statement, given that Aion Classic itself is a repeat of original Aion.

The entire world works on repeating things that people like, whilst discarding the things they don't.

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  • Aion Team
52 minutes ago, HeartStrings-DN said:

@Rin and @Aion team,

Got the login gift bundle on the Elyos side but can't use it.  It says it's "Asmodian Only".  Aren't the Elyos suppose to get this also and be able to use it?

I was JUST getting to posting this, sorry for the delay! A little busy this morning.

It's a minor UI glitch, I'll make an announcement shortly. Elyos can still use the bundles! We will be patching it as soon as possible :) Sorry for the confusion in the mean time!

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  • Rin unpinned this topic

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