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Goodbye Aion, Love Rin


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Dear friends,

Although today is meant to be a celebration of Aion—especially with summer events and the first-year birthday of Aion: Classic—it is with a heavy heart that I tell you today is also my last day at NCSOFT.

In this brief whirlwind of a year, I feel fortunate to have landed on the Aion team and become part of this vibrant world.  I quickly learned how amazingly passionate and nostalgic this community and game is. My time on Aion was brief, but it truly was the best part of my time at NCSOFT thanks to YOU.

I hope you all know how much I appreciate every single one of you and your contributions to not only this game, but to me personally. Please continue to be good to one another and express yourselves and your feedback while keeping civil and kind. There is still much work to do, but I know the team is going to do their absolute best to achieve what is possible.

Until my full-time replacement arrives, you will temporarily be accompanied by some members of the Community Team who will continue my work until it’s time to introduce you to your new Aion Community Manager! 

(*PS: Don't worry, all your feedback up to the end of today will be documented and given to the team by me, and then they will continue my work. I'll push to the very end with your voices!)

Finally, with my parting, I give to you this small drawing along with all my love and thanks.

Stay Classy, Aion.
♥- Rin



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Well RIN with you leaving my hopes for AION are diminishing more and more... you were the first person to actually show the community ncsoft cares... now we have to try to get used to someone who doesn't know anything about us... sad to see you go rin... thanks for everything the past year or so...

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Thanks it was a great time when someone answered us in forum and having some answers is kinda good, I'am sad that you are somehow leaving but I should feel happy cause NCSOFT don't deserve a person like you, More success to you and your journey in this stupid cosmos :) I'am eternally grateful knowing a dev like you!!

Ohhh dang didn't notice you draw an asmodian chibi I take back all the good words but you can keep the negative words. 

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On 6/24/2022 at 12:07 AM, Arhangelos said:

the next community manager

Dream on.


@Rin    While you are on it can you let us know if there will be any replacement?


Also out of curiosity did you figire out what is the business model of this server ? Milk them till it's dry ?


I think it is the time please turn off the lights on your way put. The longer the server is going the more miserable it becomes.


The teams you were passing the feedback clearly didnt listen much and doomed the server to have 200 ppl total population including alts. There is absolutely no sign of the game fixing it self and NCwest has proven incapable of.mamaging the game so it will just become another deserted RPG like Tera and R.O. with the only difference that Tera had the curtesy to shut down their servers.

Aion EU will soon put the tombstone to the classic servers.

I have come back to this game due to covid and I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it , but it also pains me to say that I have its complete demise from your teams.

I do regret not just going to EU instead amd the reason is at least there I would know what owns signing up for.

Lastly, as an ex Infinite aion player I can say thay I feel like history repeats it self. But who could imagine that an official server would behave the same with a private one.


Having said all the above I wish you all the best @Rin . So far we did feel we had so.eone to talk to and it is fair to say that you and @Kibbelz were the only positive changes made in this joke of a game.



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On 6/25/2022 at 3:13 AM, Malloc-KT said:

Dream on.

When Kibbelz left we never even anticipated that we would get a new community manager that would be as helpful and polite as Rin. So you never know what will come next.

It seems that they change the CM quite fast now, a good person won't last long even if we get one. We do not know what goes behind closed doors, how happy the new CM could be at start and how fast their emotions degrade due to the company's policies and on top of that the comments from players that many times are directed at the CM with insults or aggressiveness.

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