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PSA: Log in EVERYDAY from Dec 14-Jan 11!!!


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Hello all, it's that time again:

Only 28 days for 28 prizes! 🎁

Don't miss a day if you want a free legendary transformation 🙂


Dec 14

[Event] Daevanion skill selection box (10 types)  x1 

Dec 15

[Event] Strong Experience Extractor x1 

Dec 16

[Event] Legendary PVE Enchantment Stone (7 Days) x2 

Dec 17

[Event] Berdin's Giant Lucky Star Bundle  x3 

Dec 18

[Event] Ancient Transformation Contract (18 types)  x1 

Dec 19

[Event] Socket Stone Bundle (contains 100) x10 

Dec 20

[BCM] Ultimate Fighting Spirit Armor Selection Box x1 

Dec 21

[Event] Strong Experience Extractor x1 

Dec 22

[Event] Ultimate PVE Enchantment Stone (7 Days) x3 

Dec 23

[Event] Daevanion Essence Bundle (1) x1 

Dec 24

[Event] Grade A Minium Bundle (Contains 100) x1 

Dec 25

[Event] Berdin's Giant Lucky Star Bundle x3 

Dec 26

[Event] Strong Experience Extractor x1 

Dec 27

Oath Tablet x1 

Dec 28

[Event] Ancient Refining Stone (7 days) x1 

Dec 29

[Event] Daevanion skill selection box (10 types) x1 

Dec 30

[Event] Engraved Ultimate Manastone Selection Box x1 

Dec 31

[Event] Grade S Minium Bundle (Contains 50) x1 

Jan 1

[Event] Daevanion Skill Selection Box (10 types) x1 

Jan 2

[Event] Empyrean Lord's Holy Water x5 

Jan 3

Socket Reset Stone x1 

Jan 4

Giant Abyssal Star Bundle (Contains 3) x1 

Jan 5

Lucky Kinah Chest x1 

Jan 6 

[Event] Strong Experience Extractor x2 

Jan 7

[Event] Daevanion Skill Selection Box (10 types) (2) x1 

Jan 8

Flawless Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box x1 

Jan 9

Oath Tablet x1 

Jan 10

[Event] Legendary Transformation Contract Selection Box (10 types) x1 


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