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Stuck Leveling


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  • 6 months later...

Necro bump, but I'm having this exact same problem on my SM.

On my cleric once I hit 41 after spamming KT, all the new dark blue quests popped up in Beluslan. I leveled her easily through Beluslan 41-46, and then 46-50 in Brusthonin.

Now on my SM, I've hit 41 and absolutely nothing is showing. Google does not help... it seems like a bug. I've even compared campaign quests to see if there are some pre-requisites my cleric did that my SM didn't, and my cleric actually did less campaign quests yet dark blue quests popped up no problem.

I can't figure it out!! I'm not doing KT any more, I should be able to continue just like I did with my cleric.

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13 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

Is 41/42 quests in Red Mane and Hoarfrost? It might be 42... I've always been 42 after repeating all the KT quests 5 times.

When I was playing my cleric, I couldn't remember, because it had been at least 4 years since I touched low level asmos (and I've been gone from the game for 2 years). So I found this guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yu6t11LgkaodltX5FLpYcHpNvAmuhDtwZQVxax2zlts/edit#heading=h.3j2qqm3

and sure enough when I hit 41 on my cleric (which was merely days ago), all the red mane and hoarfrost quests popped up. I hate KT with a passion so I was quite happy about this (I have a LOT of characters so I've have done that instance to death).

A GM  simply told me to try repairing certain files, but that makes no sense - why would files delete mid-game session? I literally jumped from my cleric to my SM within the same login to continue leveling.

Anyway.... I'll see what I can find. Stop being weird, Aion...

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19 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

I feel you. Been doing that instance since they released it years ago. I got okay at speedrunning my way through it because I am filled with loathing toward it.


Otherwise, that's so weird. I wonder why that's happened to you.

Well guess what! Today's Most Useless Player award goes to none other than... me!

I made myself do KT again and hit 42, and voila, there they all are. Way to feel the dumbs.

Maybe I convinced myself my cleric was 42 because the guide I linked said 41 you can forget KT and the other quests pop up? Who knows...

Thanks for humouring me Cheesecake. You're a champion xD

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