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landing extra entrys


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Currently on DN server, I have only one entry to Fissure regardless of Landing Level.

The portal to enter Fissure does spawn on the Landing, and we can use it, but we do not get an additional entry. We are limited to one Fissure entry per day regardless of Landing Level.

In the past, when the Landing Level was high enough, I would be able to run Fissure two times on the same day.

From patch notes:

3. Fissure of Oblivion entries that are added with Landing reinforcement level 5 will now be reset every day at midnight.

After midnight (1 am local time for me) server time, I was not able to enter Fissure for a second time.


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yeah seems extra entrys doesn't work, How much time has passed since the Landing Benefis were implemented? more than a year right? and this is still not fixed really lame and sad ...

Here are pics from a Normal account and Prestige Account both with Landing lv 6 and extra entrys are not applied.  @Cyan  when this will be fixed? i hope not a week before 6.0 when this instances will be removed  ¬¬





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