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Beloved Costume?


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I know many BCM items cannot arrive NA due copyrights terms and other legal stuff, but i think this costumes and weapon skins shouldnt have any problem, but they have not been implemented since their realease around 4.7 in Korea....They are not related to any franchise mark, for being banned from NA, so... any chances? maybe just for Valentine event or Rotation Costume?


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2 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

...yeah...that's the Sailor Moon stuff. Good luck getting NCsoft to get licensing permissions in the US from Toei/Naoko/Viz/whoever else.

I don't think they need Toei/Naoko/Viz licensing cuz this is just an inspired, not a direct ptofuvy from the trademark like Hellokitty stuff, is more like the Shugo Ranger... a parody of the original. BTW in most Skill skins animation your weapons transform into a Belove weapon skin during the casting time... so... I don't see why we can't got them perma.

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Because they are actively destroying the game to save themselves form player outrage and save the player-base of their other 3-4 games (btw, die-ing games as well).
In 6.0 they besically remove the entire game and give you a completely different one. No crafting no scroll, move/fly modifiers will cost things...no kinah as well...
basically no more aion...
So yeah, will be kinda "hello, i'm lvl 75 noob who just installed the game"

There will be no crafting untill level 76 what the fuk...seriously?!
and no, i'm not just raging and overreackting:

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8 minutes ago, Bryos-DN said:

Wrong thread. :P Take your raging and exaggerating somewhere else.

:D you make me rage more. NC soft doesn't care for the game anymore, why should they buy licence for kwaii things if they wont implement them in the other games they have?
And one more thing: Since when truth is equal to rage?

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On 26/2/2018 at 7:00 AM, Senila-DN said:

Does anyone know if by any chance with the coming of the summer, the Summer Sun Uniform going to be BCM buy-able?
And in terms of that, do there have Autumn and Winter Uniforms? Cuz I wanna get them all

You read my mind.. i have the Summer Sun, and i was expecting the other seasons have Uniform too <3

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