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Divine Siege. No Reward.

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Just a little more info on the various types of loot situations that could happen to you in Divine.

I am a prestige player. I sendlogged about halfway through Divine. I was back in the game before it ended. However, I only received 100gp and no spinel medals or purification material. I didn't send a ticket because I'm a pve queen and I don't really care lol. Just thought I'd mention another "option" that might happen to people.

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  • Aion Team

Hello all, 

We have sent out the missing Divine Fortress Equipment Evolution Material Bundles (whew) to everyone that participated in the first two week's sieges. Please check your in game mail for this! If for some reason you did not receive the items in your mail (or from support) please send a ticket so they can verify the rewards and add them to your account. 

Thank you!

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