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Aion Prestige Pack


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How can I buy the Aion Prestige Pack with NCoins? 

Considering i am from another country (Brasil) I only can buy Ncoins with the the distributor from here (HYPE BRASIL).  

I already buy 1600 NCoins to buy the subscription that costs 1200 NCoin. How you can see in this print:


However, when I  try to buy it I was redirect to a site for buy the subscription with real money! 


I don't understand why  it's written there that costs 1200 NCoin if i can not buy for this price! 

In case existe a way to buy with Ncoin please tell me how. If not, i want my money back! That's false marketing!


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Yeah its $15 per month but I think you log into your NCSOFT account, click add subscription and follow the prompts to get it.

IMHO the only valuable item in there is the instance entry boost pack which you can buy in-game for about 30m I think and a similar title is available in game called "Aterian protector" which you get from the campaigns. The bonus boxes  still contain protectorate coins and the daily box still contains Ceramium Medal (1) according to the shop.


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I think they should modify that in the description. It is true that it says 1200 NCoins but if you buy the coins you can not buy the pack with them

Actually I had the same problem the first time many years ago. 

As Lambdachi said, Just click on the prestige pack and follow the steps there. Not sure if you can buy it with something different than a credit card, but you can try

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Thank very much for your answers. I understood now. It would be a lot easier for me if a can pay with Ncoins that I can buy from the distributor here in my country without the necessity of a internacional credit card... However, I could pay the subscrition anyway... the problem is... I already buy 1600  Ncoins, and the ideia that buy again is not very "right" to me. Considering that problem was cause by the company itself that puts in big words "1200 Ncoins" and just in the end of the page in realy small words tells us that you can not buy with Ncoin, I discovered now after check deeply... I can only say: What the fu.ck nyerk? I feel like I've been deceived!

Well, I'll try to get my money back, in case this does not happen. Do any of you have any suggestion of how is better way to invest my 1600 NCoins? Don't tell me to give to you. Haha

Again, very thanks, I'm very sad by what happened. So I really appreciate all your attention guys! :) 

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