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Evergale Canyon System


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Hey NCSoft. I know u dont care about the players at all.. All u want u try to make a litle bit more of money before this game come to the end.. But at least u can just pretend to be worried about the game....

The current sistem on everglade is a real pain in the ass, today i make 3 quick apply, and in the 3 of them, leads was AFK, ofc thats a 75% lose...
We are not asking u to stop the hackers, we know that u are not gonna stop that becose they give u money.. Or stop the bots, Or stop making this game a pay to win AF, its just to let us kick ppl from Evergale Canyon, there are a lots of options, the game kick u out after 3 redy check afk, or the lead its gonna be able the kick u after 3 redy check afk.. if some one have the lead and the system detect that its afk, pass the lead to some one else.. Its not hard to code, just a few lines and its done....
Ofc if u can do something about the hackes, thats gonna be somthing to stand up and clap,, but i know thats not gonna happend.. Active GMs in game?? thats a dream...
Please guys, be a little bit more into the comunity, we, the players make this game alive, try to help us some times...

Thx and Bye bye!

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@Cosita-KT.. it does seem that your main concern isn't losing the three Evergale's you did yesterday, but rather every other thing on the planet. 

There are other threads about the issue of afks in Evergale that don't start with a toxic puddle of tears. Here is one with suggestions on the matching system. And another talking about why there is no option to kick.

Personally I have bad Evergale Days and good Evergale days where I lose every single one one day and win them all the next. It's just RNG. Though this week it's been worse as people are throwing afk alts into Evergales trying to get more stigmas to use during the current event. That should settle down for next week.


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I find that hard to believe, dual boxing an alt for a very random stigma.

As for the OP you win some and you lose some, accept that fact that some people afk and that's bad for them. Others do it for the other faction in order to get their mains in.

Evergale is a good instance and you are an Asmo most time the afk issue won't be devastating.

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