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Where can I get this armor?


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The Noble Daevanion set is only available as part of the Homeward Bound event (only for Returning/New Players). It is given to players of level 10 through special bundles. Basically, you cannot get it at the moment, and if you have a character of higher level than that, you cannot get it either.

Also, wouldnt the Fledling set be better?

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37 minutes ago, Idkyolo-DN said:

It's called Noble Daevonian and it's better than the level 10 white armor.

The level 10 yellow armor set will actually output more dps, weapons included, hence is better although defensive stats might be slightly lower.

Not sure which "white" armor you're talking about... The level 10 white gear npcs sell in Pandaemonium/Ishalgen/Altgard isn't even remotely as good as neither (Noble Daevanion/Fledgling) and shouldn't even be considered unless you're looking for that "authentic" levelling feeling from years ago, without "hand-out" gear, nearly struggling to kill mobs that you one shot in Fledgling set.

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