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Daeva Dash..again?. Part 2, but same faces


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Thread of VincentVicious-KT was closed. But there is more nice pictures of same faces :) And yes - its all same legion :)



So, "dear" support - its shame on you. Cause even if they abuse bug, even they started to use 3rd programs - its completely your fault :) Your fault is - DOING NOTHING.

Thank you for your attention :)

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As Cheesecake said, support wont read this. Actually the only one who will read it is Cyan. And he has no tools to do something. I do not even think the support members can do much more than restoring some items or giving some scrolls. The people who can do something about this, never check this forums and we can not reach them. 

The people from the first post are from KT-Elyos. But they seems to be just alts from somebody else. Probably those players are abusing from secondary accounts just in case they get a ban. If that happens, they will create new ones. 

And I guess this thread will be closen too

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