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Zerotoierance/Zerotolerance problem


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Zerotoierance and Zerotolerance on Katalam asmodian is a problemn. Not only he afks in EC, but when he gets in, he asks for lead and if he gets it, he then starts to kick the people he dislikes. He usually puts his chars afk and because I called him on that he now hold a grudge against me and others that called him.

Let me tell  you one thing that is not banable for sure, kicking someone because you want to. @Cyan lied to us in Dos and Don'ts post about the league and coalition and EC entries. So if you have a problem with someone, go ahead and start kicking them, they will do nothing to you since Zerotoierance is still there kicking people.

You submit a ticket, they will tell you that they will take care of it, they will tell you that they can't tell you any details about the outcome because of privacy and next day Zerotoierance will keep doing his thing.

At some point he also kicks whole alliances



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1 hour ago, Azzmaria-KT said:

Is not "he", is "she". 

And actually she and some friends (her friends, not mine) talked about that in a facebook group and apparently they think is funny. 

I do not know her, but I am on the same facebook group so I saw that. 

If it is a she, then she needs to get laid and get a life. Can you link the group please or at least take a screenshot?

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Lol I wish my legionmates could see this; they'd laugh. We were just talking about this person last night. She actually whispered one of my legionmates last night and asked him not to kick her afk sorc. Like wow. But yeah, any time I see her in EC, I just roll my eyes because she's afk 99% of the time.

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  • Aion Team

Since this is an accusation thread, it is not allowed on the forums. If you know of someone abusing the leadership roles in game please submit tickets to our support team, or feel free to send a PM to us on the forums and we will investigate. 

Thank you.

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