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Fledgling Daeva Gear


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So, newbie here! I have been playing about a month now for only about an hour or two a day, which means that I am proceeding quite slowly. Aside from that disadvantage, I have never played this game before meaning that it takes longer for me to figure this stuff out than others. So, today I logged in and watched my character creation screen load up, ready to once again see the boring and hideous fledgling daeva gear that I dread wearing but do anyway for the stats. However, instead of plain white tights and a feathery shoulder guard, I see my character sporting a new pair of shorts and boots as just two items of a whole new outfit that actually DOESN'T look terrible! Also, my aethercannon has a new color scheme as well! I log in, fearing that I was somehow downgraded to, while more tasteful, weaker gear. Much to my surprise, the gear is the same but with the word "Reinforced" added in! So, curiosity sparked and hopes high, does this mean that my gear can somehow level up and get a new look and set of stats? I know that my gear can be modified by use of manastones, enchantments, etc... but I haven't done any of these things to modify my fledgling daeva gear! So, can someone explain to me a few things:

1. Does my gear get better/level up or something without manual intervention?

2. Did this only happen because it was my fledgling daeva gear or can I expect the same thing to happen to my other gear?

3. Will it happen multiple times to the same piece of equipment, and if so, how many times can I expect this to happen?

4. Exactly HOW did this happen if not by leveling up (or something like that) automatically as I wore/used it?

Any info to help this poor newbie learn a thing or two will be much appreciated!!!

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1) No, you have to either get different gear/enchant/socket manastones... end game gears can be purified into better quality but that's under enchanting

2) ^

3) ^^

4) since the 1 word is different it means that the gears are different sets, there was no lv up, you just obtained new gear. When you equip different gear, stats are changed immediately

If you have more questions feel free to ask. If I misunderstood I'm sorry

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Thank you for the reply! But, the thing is, I didn't acquire any new gear or equip it, and fledgling daeva gear was not in my inventory. So that was the 'evidence' that formed my initial opinion of gear self-leveling. I'm not sure how I got ahold of this new gear, It was just there and equipped when I logged in. Not only that, but it was on all three of my characters, the other two I haven't used in weeks! If you have any theories on how this happened, I would love to hear it! 

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@Ellecia-DN or maybe you have really bad memory or somebody else has access to your account too.

To clarify the ''Reinforced'' tag is just to diferenciate the magic version from the physical version.   With reinfroced gives physical def bonus without reinforced gives Magic boost, but the skin is the same for both versions


Lv 10 Fledgling set


Lv 55 Elite Fledgling Set   

i think this one matches the description of your actual gear, is from a campaing quest in Cygnea  you need to talk to 2 npc and open like 4 boxes and the equip it.


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