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Zones Being Deleted


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I guess I am looking in the wrong spots or I am blind. I can't find a list of exactly which zones are being deleted. It seems like Altgard and Morheim... but what else? Seems like one of the most important things we'd be talking about lol

Thanks in advance

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Zones Deleted:

  • Altgard/Verteron
  • Morheim/Eltnen
  • Brusthonin/Theobomos
  • Lower and Upper Layer of Reshanta
  • Idian Depths
  • Levinshor
  • Kaldor
  • Panesterra (technically)
  • Norsvold/Iluma
  • Tower of Eternity


  • Ishalgen/Poeta
  • Pandaemonium/Sanctum
  • Pernon/Oriel
  • Beluslan/Heiron
  • Gelkmaros/Inggison
  • Silentera Canyon
  • Core of Reshanta
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Don't be too concerned about the deletions. Having played both quest lines from 1 to 80, the story really flows and all the remaining areas are well used. Some of them have had a rework.

It's sad for us old timers, but for the new people (cross your fingers that we get some!) it's a good change.

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I will miss almost all the maps .....Elyos side but not Theobomos! Theo was a nightmare for me when I attempted for the first time the Daeva quest at level 50! Marla cave such a pain, I was getting lost and with so many mobs everywhere so close in a narrow space! Plus I have a phobia of spiders. O.o Not sorry at all that map will be gone. :)

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