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Panesterra Siege Log: 2014 - 2018


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Hello everyone.

Panesterra was an unfinished chapter in my time of Aion, and recently it has finally come to an end.

Many of you know me from my Siel Log I started way back in the day, and I similarly started one for Panesterra. The forum updates died off, but I kept true to this record of fights, albeit much less detail. Below you will find the effort of nearly four years compiled together. You won't see all the uncounted hours of faction meetings and diplomacy, or the details of the fights, but maybe while you scroll, the dates will jog some of your memories into remembering the good times which were had, and the memorable battles fought.

Out of everything I want to acknowledge the leads who were a part of this Coalition with me. The beginning ultimately set a precedent for the acts to follow.
Great appreciation from me to Jakie and XYZX for staying with it until the end.

Kahrun: Fencer, Zhule, Legaccy
Tiamat: Sethos, Screamz, Jakie, XYZX
Israphel: Feelix, Kimyura, Redhyn
Siel/Beritra: Iczel*, Teacoffee, Teaj, Tshirt, Waffles, Puddles
(*SL only)

Thank you.
Blood for Blood; Faith and Arms.


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Thank you so much for sharing.  My favorite siege in the game, and some of my greatest siege memories ever.  100 vs 100 made for some amazing triumphs, and some tough losses, but always exhilarating fights.  Equal numbers also meant that sadly, many did not get to experience the siege at the height of its importance, the glory days.

I don't think people realize how much time and effort, on and off of the battlefield, went into keeping the Asmo coalition together and on the right track for so long.  From maintaining representation on the siege team, to the faction leaders communication, to the rules, the meetings, the administrative stuff, the overall and weekly strategies, and of course, the never ending politics and dramas.

Watching us go from the underdogs, outmanned and outgunned, getting better each week, to total Asmodian domination was nothing short of astounding, and I have no doubt that had it not been for your stalwart leadership and unwavering support, we would not have come full circle.

It was XY and myself's pleasure to see it through with you, even though that last siege was by far the toughest.  You are the absolute last person deserving of a loss on the final Panesterra siege stage, especially after having had OUR backs all those years.

In the end, nothing can erase what's represented in that spreadsheet: great memories, great accomplishments, and great times with some great leaders.

Asmodae owes you a debt of gratitude.
Thank YOU!

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