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2 forts a week


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You take away half the game to throw back in a 5th of that half and call it an update?  

wasted time in peoples live's for the lack of a weekly event that should be lasting longer than 15 minutes 


Hime & Cyan take the finger - yes that's exactly what it means you two fail at representing your player base 

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5 hours ago, AlisonWonderland-DN said:

What do you expect CM's to do about it? They aren't the developers. Their job is to interact with the community, and at the end of the day, whatever Aion Korea gets is what we will get (for the most part). If you don't like it THAT much I'd say it's finally time to move on.


There are two forts and 5 vulnerabilities, giving us two days to do other things and not have to worry about sieging. I honestly think that's a good change. Sieging takes over your game life when it happens too often.

And, honestly, it's not like we didn't know this was coming. It's not a surprise.

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