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[6.5] Failed enchantment attempts with Ultimate stones no longer drop enchant lv

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6.5 enchantment success rates, and average number of stones needed to go from +10 to +15

While digging through the enchantment success rate data of the Taiwan game files, I have discovered that failed enchantment attempts with ultimate stones appear to no longer reduce the enchantment level of gears ("0"). Can anyone confirm? (ancient and legendary stones remain "-1" for +1 to +9 and "10" for +10 to +14)


  • 0: enchantment level stays the same (ultimate stones have this set to 0 for all levels and gear grade)
  • -1: enchantment level drops by 1
  • 10: enchantment level is set to 10

And does this apply to our NA 6.2 enchantment rate improvement too?

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Ah ok. I never got in hold of a single ultimate stone before. This behavior is also not mentioned in the in-game description of ultimate stones. I never even knew about that until the moment I datamined the enhantment success rate from Taiwan 6.5 game data. This is not mentioned on English powerbook either.

(And there was a bug in my previous script used for generating the spreadsheet table data, which read enchantment_penalty_type from the wrong records - Original 6.2 enchantment success rates, applies to Gameforge, ultimate odds fixed)

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