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Bring back Katalam and Danaria

Bring back Katalam and Danaria  

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  1. 1. Self explanatory. Do you think Nc should bring back the old maps?

    • Yes please bring back the old maps. Make Aion great again.
    • No. It's a waste of time and money.

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They literally deleted Sarpan, Tiamaranta (which was one of my favorites with those fast 5 minute sieges), Katalam and Danaria (I kinda disliked Danaria, but not Katalam) And Idian Depths. They could renovate them to appropriate them for the new lvls. We currently have like 3 maps only for 66+, Upper Abyss, Norsvold and Illuma.

Upper Abyss is a chaos to go there and be all day, the fact that people can fly on a map makes it more dangerous to be there for lvling, or questing.

Enshar and Kaldor are low lvl maps an we are stuck with Only Norsvold and Illuma, tight maps for all 66+ trying to exist between hard mobs, overcrowded easy areas and rift pvpers.

...this game will end up being an instanced game, where people enter instances solely to play.

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The new maps are pretty enough but they don't a candle to Katalam and Danaria.

I'm not real impressed with their idea of new instances either. A rehash of a L50 instance that just 3 rooms and a boss fight. *snore*


For those of you wanting artifacts/bases in Norsvold/Illuma you get your wish in 5.8. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_-_Update_August_23rd_2017


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