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Songweaver PVE


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Hey guys,

i just started playing a sw and reached lvl 80. Managed to farm COE and now i have the full set, with wep +15 (which for some reason I cannot purify). And 2 void rings.  However, I see that my dmg in dungeons is not particularly high.

Since I’m basically a newwb, any suggestions for dmg increase (maybe some rotations) or a full dmg oriented stigma build?

Any help is much appreciaged, as I struggle a bit even during BoS runs.




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PVE weapons (and gear) cannot be purified. You will replace all of your ancient COE pieces -- which is the lowest tier of PVE gear -- with pieces from FM/BOS. Then, those will be replaced with pieces from IDD/PF/VT. So yeah, your damage is low because you're in lowbie gear right now.

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The info i gonna give is related to the last patch (6.2) not the current...

A) Retune all your items until you get in this order, try to find the highest stats: Magical Acc , Magic Crit, Magical Attack... for supporting healing boost (remember in this patch sw heal less)

B) Enchant all the gear (includes jewelry)... at the beggining... +5, then +10, then +13... from +13 to +15 is really important to use the next class of enchant to do this 2 last steps, can fail but it has less chanse to fail it (13-15). For COE gear... +10 is ok to do BOS and FM so you can get the Legendary gear.

C) add magical acc manastones to your set, on last patch it was intended to compensate the need

D) Skill Rotation, there are several rotations that some sw uses... all this need time on the doomies

In last patch the stats required for FM / IDD were: 13k mag attack, 13k mag acc, 2.5k mag crit, 2.2k pve ... @Cyan in this patch is still unknown the stats for highest instances, the info we know is that dps is too low for geared ppl (all classes) so most of players are stucked because the nerfed and the rebuff on the bosses. We hope ncsoft employees are aware of this big mistake since alot ppl are considering to quit after this changes

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