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You guys think your players don't know math??? Adjust the event ASAP


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It's already on the forums.. isn't possible to get even the 1000 coins prize without something around 3k ncoin and aways getting RANK S on every run.

I'm totally ok with the 2000 prize be some pay2win, but it should be GARANTEE for a player to get the 1000 one, and even if u couldn't get rank S on every run, burn some scrolls to complete the coins.

But at this rate, it's completely insane.

Alas, I know there's a chance to drop a bag with 50 coins each run, but u shouldn't depends of RNG to actually buy a prize.. the RNG should work to determine the prize itself (like which transformation u gonna get)

So, rise the amount of coins by run or adjust the prices!!!

You guys just fixed the AP/GP bug and come with a stab on our back? Come on.. we are your COSTUMERS.

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I haven't seen anyone get the 50 coins bag, but even if it's possible, the rate is awful. Really sucks to have thought the event actually had something good for once but it's not achievable for more than half the players.

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