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Aion need again the old trade come back

more need trade things like kinah potions and other things...

and more want again the private merchant so the broker feed is too xpensive and we can sell our things when we want in the time that we want

some times i think aion want gobern the ppl that play and this is not correct

more times i want kinah in other chars so i wast all in this chars and i cant move from their locations

WHY I CANT TRADE KINAH TO THIS CHARS?? whats the problem with this??

if i make potions i cant send via mail or sell via private store (like broker) why i need wast in the proker for sell my things??

all are changing bad and ppl dont want see what want the ppl that play this game and this silly things need be changed...

TY for ppl that reed this...

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8 hours ago, MechEagIe-DN said:

The broker feed its a good think , i know its painfull but 

Belive me you dont want live without it and see item go to 15b each like 5.x 

Cause its too much money in the game, Feed from broker help the economy to dont go sky rocket. 

Do you mean "fees"? If yes they only make the game worse, people no longer bother trying to sell many things from fear of not selling and end up losing the listing fees. and that makes broker a lesser thing than it was in the past The selling fees are another issue, they could keep them high, but listing fes should be minimal so people can list their expensive items without fearing that they will lose money..

The prices would skyrocket in the past because people could make a ton of kinah, when each player walks around with billions farmed by the game, then price normally rise. Broker fees play little no role in prices of items, the only thing that plays that role is the availability of the currency.

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18 hours ago, FatBad-KT said:

Can only play one way, or we are forced to play one way ?


You make an excellent point. Before 6x we had choices. Now we are "forced" into doing things one way only with very few work-a-rounds in very few situations. I'm not suggesting that all the changes made to the broker and trading are bad. Just things like not being able to trade outfits or Kinah between our own characters of the same faction on the same account is ridiculous. Also, When you buy a mount or wings from the BCStore they should be account wide (especially the mounts. I use the same mounts and wings on every character and having to re-buy them for each gets quite expensive), just things like these, for example.

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