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50% ppl will be like No free Character slot = Not returning on NA

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This is actually in line with both EU and Korea. Extra character slots are behind a paywall in both regions. If you want to be a totally free player, you are going to have to delete a character to try the new class.. which is nyerk easy and op af, btw. 

And that's not even mentioning that you can play existing characters just fine without creating a vandal and be able to try out 7.0.

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2 minutes ago, Magikarp-DN said:

If transformations could be shared across my multiple accounts that would be dreamy. :hearteyes: 

Totally hear you. But that's the cost of being totally free to play. Decisions have to be made. If you 100% don't want to spend any real money on this game, you can bite the bullet and delete one character on your main account so you can use your opened transformations or you can create a new account and deal with lesser transfromations until you can open new onws.

All of this is predicated on the 7 day free trial Prestige Pack not opening the characters slots. (Don't try this yet! No Prestige Pack is giving extra slots right now. That's a known issue and will be fixed.)

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As some of you know I'm in the same situation regarding my existing characters (tho I already have prestige). I just have way too much time and real $$ invested in them to even think about deleting one of them. So I hope things get fixed soon.

@Svaite-DN: Aly is correct. The having to buy Prestige thing is in line with the game in other regions. For example, on EU gameforge you have to buy the Gold Pack.

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