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Curse Cloud Spell of Spirit Master Should Be Removed with Healing Pot


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That skill is removable only by cleansing skill unfortunately. Curse Cloud is another stupid OP skill the SM has and it is not removable.

I mean we have curse weakness stigma, single target and does 3k dmg every time you use a skill, but it is removable with one potion.
SM have a 12-man aoe, that does a lot of DoT dmg and if it crits even more, it also makes you lose HP every time you use a skill... and it is not removable.

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On 19/11/2019 at 9:17 AM, Aly-DN said:

This isn't a bug. Curse Cloud takes multiple dispels to remove. If you are running with a cleric, they can take it off you. You could remove it yourself if your pot had a shorter cd.

cbt_ra_resistmind_g1.png Removes 1 altered state

ws_selfdispel_g1.png Removes 2 altered states (+20 skill)

icon_item_potion_cure01d.png Removes 2 altered states


These 3 dispels combined don't remove Curse Cloud...

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Curse Cloud requires 3 casts from cleric single target dispel to take off. I think Ripple dispel and Grp Dispel (not sure about Grp dispel actually) can take it off in 1 cast but they are considered higher tier dispels with one having a 2min reuse without daevian skill to lower CD and the other is an instant reuse with the same daevian skill.  It's designed to be hard to remove because it is a 4K DP skill with like a 15min reuse. There is a DoT component and a bonus dmg component of up to 6% of the target's HP OR 1000 dmg if the target uses a magic based skill (melee classes popping buffs count as magic based).

Honestly, the secondary dmg component needs to be updated to account for the nearly 5x increase in HP as originally we only had about 10-20K HP prior to 5.8 I believe. It's a dmg over time so you can find ways to drain HP from something or get a dispel over the course of the 30s.  Other classes do more dmg with their DP over 30s than this one skill so it's actually under-powered. Rangers and Sins have their Mau and demon forms, AT with their Transcend Limits, Temps with their invulnerability (though Curse Cloud is a dot so maybe only the first hit is blocked but the rest tics for full), etc.

Curse of Weakness is only a stigma so I can understand why only 1 pot is needed to remove.

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