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There was a bug long long long ago from back in the Storm Circle days where you get turned into a skeleton for a quest and you could port back to the main city and were hostile to people. Hmm. I seem to remember that some people were ported to the opposite main city for a player run arena thing (a GM helped out for that) and to pay back the GM for their kindness, they logged out before getting ported back to their own main city and then logged back in and slaughter nubs. (And we wonder why GMs aren't willing to do nice things for us any more.)

But neither of those seem to be the case here.

No idea what is going on here.

Are we sure this is the NA client?

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mmm chat log hidden behind inventory xD

it seems like NA client, he has buffs that match the ones from Rainbow snake event and the prestige and storm token window.

lowering your HP with a duel and them jumping from some a bit higher ground and died from fall damage ?

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10 hours ago, Mystoganrr-DN said:

that actually brings me memories of 


this actually reminds me of this lol




Yay! The proof of why GMs no longer do nice things for us!

Look at all those -amazing- kills of afk alts at the broker! Oooo.. that alt tried to run. Can't have that! And look at that alt that tried to port out! Interrupt that quick! Hahaha! I'm sure they got tons of ap from killing that afk crafting alt!

Totally badass move there.




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1 hour ago, Jinky-KT said:

Glitches have been around long time. This is from Kaisinel server 2010 when you could glitch into Teminon.


Right. That was just took dying on the shield and then self-ressing and dropping through. That's hardly using a bug in a quest (i.e. the Storm Circle skeleton bug) or being a total Douche Canoe and ruining any further assistance for player run pvp tournaments (i.e. the video posted by @Mystoganrr-DN). The ability to do die on the shield and self res was eventually patched out. The Storm Cirlce quest was eventually removed. And GMs have learned their lesson and will no longer help players with tournaments.

What the OP is showing is someone red to them in Pandae. You can't "glitch" your way into Pandae as an Elyos. (Or into Sanctum as an Asmodian.) 

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