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Where to farm xp on 7.5?


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We used to farm Exp on Lakrum fort. Where can we farm unlimited Exp on 7.5?

Luna is just 1 entry.. Low udas 3 limit.. So where can we farm exp? Going to opposite fort iggi/gelk is almost impossible plp around forts and the npc have really high HP.

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I mean I guess if you're decently geared, then you can get an alt to hold your group and enter IDD hard mode. The Young Protector mobs give decent exp, so you can just stay alive and continue to farm them every time they spawn (every 40 seconds).

Do your daily Abyssal Splinter also as it gives xp crystals now.

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Lower Udas Temple:

Pyre Soul:

  • HP 60,315
  • PDef 8,077
  • XP 975,732
  • Respawn time: around 32-36s

There are 5 of these little mobs that spawn on the lava cauldron right behind the final boss.


Silentera Canyon

Silentera Canyon list of repeatable quests with monster stats

[Elite Grade 5]

  • HP 2,418,855
  • PDef 11,209
  • XP 5,152,638
  • FEXP 184

The elite mobs have same amount of defenses as Lakrum mobs (and 7.0-7.2 demaha normal mobs).

The Dragonbound Peons at the bottom of the maps do not use any skills, which are the easiest among these mobs.

There are limited spawns for Jotuns - only kill these for daily quests.



Demaha list of repeatable quests with monster stats

[Legion Quest Elite Mobs]

  • HP 1,451,067
  • PDef 11,209
  • XP 3,047,396
  • FEXP 46

You can farm the legion altar kill quests mobs for XP, as long as you have stamina (hourglass) to spare.

The stats for these mobs were same as 7.0, unlike the newly buffed regular mobs with 13399 defenses.


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