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Thoughts From A Returning Player


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I played this game for a while since beta up until the launch of 5.0 and then I quit. I have had multiple accounts, I have run legions, been through all the server mergers, and as a returning player, I have to say. The experience is terrible. Quite honestly its a mix of the community and a series of bad decisions from a development standpoint. The game has clearly been on a decline since I last played and as a bandaid solution the developers have accelerated the leveling process. I managed to get from 66 to 80 in less than a day and now, I am thrust into a game that quite honestly wants nothing to do with a returning player let alone a brand new one. 

Aion's endgame has always been a bit rough around the edges but atm it seems to be a culmination of excessive grinding (that being said it was grindy before who remembers ancient coin farming in Indian depths) and being effectively blacklisted because you lack experience. 

Example: Earlier today a group of myself and 6 other either returning or new players (or maybe alts nobody was particularly well geared) went to go kill Titan Coin bosses we formed the little alliance all was great. Then a vandal shows up starts killing them and out dps' the entire group because they "needed the manastones" (and refused being added to the alliance). Being a bunch of undergeared individuals we didn't have much of a chance. So we ended up giving up after the second time they did it. 

Another example: Was looking to do the event quest for Wicked Gracheni's Vault. I have never run this instance and even if I did in the past I couldn't tell you the mechanics let alone remember how it works. I watched a YouTube video but that's as far as my "experience" goes. Anyway, the group just said they were looking for people. They didn't mention needing experienced individuals. After clicking the apply to the group I get whispered do you have experience and I reply no (because I don't) and then get ignored and they update to mention they need the experience to run it after I applied. 

Then I have the issue with progressing gear and accessories wise. For instance, I have run the minimum vault quite a few times and finally got a grade B Karemiwen which is the best drop I have gotten yet. But to evolve her I need Grade B Minimum which as of now I have 20 of. For reference, I have a little over 1,000 Grade A Minium and around 350 Grade S. So I am effectively required to find a Grade A minion because I am unable to get Grade B minimum lol. 

Finally some notes on the weird experience of combat from a returning player. I love to siege back in the day it would take at least 20 minutes to take a fort but we are now taking the divine and both ingi forts in 20 minutes. Which is absurdly fast but whatever. But to kill a standard mob at least for me as a cleric takes considerably more time than it used to and on top of it, killing elite mobs takes what feels like a century. This makes doing things like the new Katalm, Lakrum, and Dem maps obnoxious by yourself. Maybe all I need is a good legion to join? But when it takes me forever to get one of those coin mobs down to 60% and then to have a Vandal walk up and take 60% of it's HP in a matter of seconds is a terrible experience.


Also, transformations look like an utter nightmare of a system. Everyone's going to want those ultimates but I can already tell getting them will be next to impossible and for those that don't have them it's probably terrible to deal with in PvP! 


Now to get the negativity gone some changes I do like!!!

  • the ability to sell junk from your inventory is a great and convenient change since I like to sell everything!
  • while I am not a fan of them trashing all of the old good maps I am enjoying the new time-restricted maps they are genuinely fun to explore when not being killed by asmos. 
  • I am a fan of the daevnonian skill system its a great idea to be able to evolve certain skills in a way that's unique to your playstyle. I only have 2 atm (beam of recovery) and (rolling thunder) but they are cool (though they are so much better compared to the base skills its just another thing to grind for)!
  • the game still looks great even though its 10 years old! 
  • the few people i do play with in the game regularly are great even though I have had more bad experiences than good so far lol! 
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2 hours ago, Ukanomitama-KT said:

I will try my best! 

The key thing is to stick around and never stop playing for big periods of time, even if you simply log to take the lugbug daily and log out, there are events that really break the game to the point if you miss one of them you are pretty much screwed (like the stormwing event). Stay around, do whatever pleases you and wait for the awesome event that will break the game again and catch up everyone.

Like if you were around the previous event (a couple of weeks ago), you could have gotten yourself an ultimate transform, something most people that stick around since 6.2 and played religiously never even manage to get up to this day (in a pay to win way but you get the point). So give it a go, continue playing and as HealingSquid said in 6 months from now you will be much much better.


Hint: do your lugbug weeklies, get your free legendary transform every 2 months from that, do abyssal splinter, try to do it with as many chars you can in the same account because fragments are account wh storable, get legendaries from there too. Start farming XP marks (in the next patch they will be super important). Gather AP, you never know when they will be extra needed in future.

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I was in a similar situation when I returned just before the start of summer and now, after several months of progression, I have reached a good spot where both PvE and PvP goals are starting to fall into place. I agree completely that coming back was rough, especially since I did not spend much/any money outside of my sub. The key for quick progression is, both fortunately and unfortunately, rooted firmly in what events are rolling as you come back. It was the stormwing event for me (which was an amazing event for returners/new players) but the ones we have right now are also pretty good for squaring away some important goals (namely progress toward +15 stigmas and Sovereign weapons/armor). If you haven't already, go take a look at the Class Master event while we still have it and make sure to nab the 1k coin bundles off each class you've got a level 80 of on your account which can be stored in your account warehouse. If you're subbed/have the desire to get all 12 classes up you'll have enough coins to grab yourself a legendary transformation and a good chunk of the coins required for a sovereign weapon. 

Also if you need help with Katalam/Demaha daily/weekly questing my group always has a spot and we go most nights/are friendly :).

Anyway, welcome back and hang in there!

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On 9/19/2020 at 0:29 PM, Ukanomitama-KT said:
  •  I am enjoying the new time-restricted maps they are genuinely fun to explore when not being killed by asmos. 

You might hit U and then make a new macro that says the following:

/shout q ip thz emui tr ohds. vmhdvh rhu uh yxhvu!

That translates to Asmo for "I am new with no gear. Please let me quest!" You can put the macro on your skillbar and use it when an Asmo gets near you. Not everyone will take pity on you, but I (and many others) would leave you alone if I saw that.

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