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Please send survey about housing in game


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Housing part is most likely abandoned there're a lot of us who care and love housing and need it to be improve.

These following questions should be send out as survey

-Do you interested in instanced house,mansion,estate,palace ?
-Do you mind if we increase level requirement for house,mansion,estate,palace ?
-Do you mind if housing is 1 per account instead 1 per character ?
-Do you interesting to subscribe to prestige pack if we included no soul sickness in it ?
-Do you want more furniture in BCM ?

Please send them for sake of  housing thank you.


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I like your questions. I believe it's time to set some requirements into getting a house and what not. It happened so many times in the past to see alts who are lower than level 66 (average level 40 or lower) getting a house and never play that character again. Limits the availability of the housing, imo. Looking forward to some feedback from @Cyan to see if this has been something they would do anytime soon. :3

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I'd love the idea to have one 'physical' house per account. 
(There may be a need to expand the amount of item slots for people who have alts with lots of furniture,
but at least it really decreases the need for every single character to have their own house... it's nice for rp I guess but practically it's a mess xD)

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