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Is there any chance we will get a classis AION server (like WOW?)


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I "stucked" with this game since 2010.

But this year, I quitted few months because personal thing. When I cameback, everything has changed. I keep login and logout and dont know what to do >:(.

Suddenly youtube recommend me this video: 



Now Im praying for AION classic <3. Latest update will be Tiamaranta's Eye patch. The feeling when you are in the office and your girlfriend (my wife now) pm you to tell you that she just killed 3 asmos and get a golden key is so good xD


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The thing is there will never be a classic Aion in the form players want it because there is not enough money in classic Aion. Let me get in to this further because as someone who would love a classic Aion server the reality is that they simply do not have the player base.

WoW P-servers at the time of the WoW classic announcement had well over 150,000 players(not exact numbers but there is a few articles on it) actively playing on P-servers that only increased with the hype of WoW classic coming around and people were testing leveling methods and so on. Aion P-servers currently especially those pre 3.0 have less than 1000 players and NA servers have less than 300. Keeping an eye on all the servers and the fact that you see the same names on all P-servers, Aion currently has less than 5000 people world wide interested in classic Aion gameplay.

There is nothing they can really make p2w in classic w/o making people quit the server, A subscription fee would not bring enough $'s so it is a lose lose situation. NCsoft have no real guarantee if you could get a petition going and get 50k to sign up then they may change their mind.

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1 hour ago, Vantheria-DN said:

They already had a classic server in Korea. It failed, so they shut it down last year.

Which they tamped with, Their classic server was like asking for a lemon water and getting pure lemon juice instead. Not saying that one would succeed because it would not but comparing their idea of adding gear that blows up in to a patch that had no gear blowing up is just a disaster in the making.

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Players have been asking for a Classic 1.5 server for years, even the players that don't play anymore all comment on the FB posts asking for this. If they did do it it would bring a huge influx of returning players but sadly I don't think it'd last long. I'd give it a max of 6-12 month shelf life cause players would reach endgame and get frustrated with the grind just like they did back when 1.5 was first out. Personally I'd love it and would dabble on it a lot between weekly resets on the main servers instead of just face tanking the broker. 

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Unsure whats been happening in Korea, but apparently Aion classic IS a thing there now or very shortly.  Apparently there was a "test" roll out of the classic earlier this year and they found some issues which hopefully have been fixed because it's not the original AIon game engine either but the evolved one we have today, which is not a bad thing.  The Korean version is 1.2 and when Aion hit US shores we played 1.5.  I am certain there will be a US release but what version it's going to be?  Your guess is as good as any I could come with.. hopefully a 1.5 equivalent because that what we started with here!

As of just a few minutes ago there are several youtube vid put up in the last 4 days about AIon classic.  I would like to be excited.   

I do not like the modern game at all.  It's to easy to level (really just a gimmie), and it's all about end game content.   And it's all about in my opinion P2W.. if you don't shell out money you cannot get your gear to where you can do end game content without being carried even with the gimmie gear... I hate that.  Power creep to the heavens.  It's just very much fun.

I don't expect it to happen right away but localization IF it happens should go fairly fast as it was all ready done in the past which means all those sound files and text translations are all archived and available to be plugged right in.

I do hope it happens because I want to fall in love with Aion all over again.

Links to vids:  Sywo first cuz he's like this AIon guy! For  other Vids just do a you tube search for "Aion Classic"



BIttena sends:


I want this to happen because Bittena and Winda and Itty need to be reborn!


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