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There's a lot of skins already removed from game, me and many friends would like that you bring them back, could you give us a chance to get this skins again? in game or trough shop. I think this not affect in any way and its not hard to do it. I would like ask for this Ancient Legion Defender's Martial Jerkin but u can reply for any skin. 

P.S. Sorry for my english, is not my first language  @Hime @Kibbelz @Loki

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There was a feature in Not Aion, where you could use your currency ("might" there or ncoin here) and use a command to modify the appearance using the item code of the skin u wanted, maybe they can do the same here but instead of a command is an item or something like that

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If they had the tiniest sense of how to make more money they would have brought every possible skin back in game and put it in BCM for a tiny amount. Skins should be treated as non game changing consumables for appearance (because this is what they are).

Imagine if every possible skin in game was in BCM for 50 BCM each, I know I would defo use for once some BCM just to get skins and actually use them instead of being scared to lose them forever. And they should be tradeable/brokerable.

They are literally losing money every day with this, they took away the fun of aion which is flying, skins and housing. The game feels stale.

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3 hours ago, Ramstein-KT said:

 I would like ask for this Ancient Legion Defender's Martial Jerkin but u can reply for any skin. 

That skin is currently available in-game. I can be acquired through Atherforging,(or having someone craft it and sell/trade it to you) and via a quest for players at level 65(?) when you first arrive in Gelk/Iggy.



@Arhangelos-KT You're not wrong that NC is leaving money on the table by not adding cosmetics to the BCM. There are multiple threads begging for skins, mounts, and pets. The community would throw money at the BCM if these items were added. I still haven't seen any indication they're willing to take us up on the offer. IDK what's going on at NC. Do they need permission from Korea to sell us stuff? 



@Kibbelz  I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the recent event skins. Not the skins themselves but the fact they are untradeable and UNSTORABLE!

I cannot store them in a

  • warehouse
  • pet
  • cabinet

So I am forced to use them or throw them out which makes getting them a waste of my time and effort.

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