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Benefit from Enchanting Additional Stigma?


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As I have collected 9 stigma boxes from pumpkin events, I want to ask before I choose 9 stigma +12 or only 6 and pick minions/transformation from other 3 boxes.

What is the benefit from enchanting 3 additional stigma (3 vertical on the right)?
Is it enough if we only enchant main 6 stigma?


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If you enchant stigmas, the cooldown usually decreases by 1% of base value per enchantment level.

If they are enchanted to +15, they can be upgraded to advanced version. For damage and healing skills, their effects go up by 35% usually, and cooldown is 70% of the regular non-enchanted stigma typically.

List of player skills - Check these lists for the enchantment benefits of stigmas enchantment and advanced stigmas. Enchantment effects are in brakcets.

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20 hours ago, Luffey-KT said:

Hi @TheSecretCowLeve-KTthanks for reply

Is +12 stigma on additional slot (vertical on the right) increase Enchantment level bonus?
Or only 6 default ones give the enchantment level bonus?

Here is the thing, the first main 6 slots determine a lot, but the other 3 that open with the conditions, also get benefits from the enchants

+6 in all main stigmas opens 1 more green slot
+9 in all main stigmas opens the second green slot
+12 in all main stigmas opens the third blue stigma slot (you can put blue or green stigma here)

The vision stigma also follows the stigma enchantments, but it only takes the minimum enchant stigma you have, if you have (lets say) 5 stigmas that are +10 and the 6th stigma is +9 then the vision stigma will be +9

Advanced stigmas act like +15 stigmas in the bonuses, except for when all stigmas are advanced so the vision stigma is an advanced vision stigma as well.


The stigmas in the right column now still benefit from enchants directly to them but also from enchants form the main stigmas, in your screenshot it says all stigmas +5, this bonus comes form the 6-main stigmas, but it applies to all stigmas you have socketed, but it only affects non vision stigma.

Example: My sorcerer has advanced stigmas int he main 6 slots and that says +10 all stigmas as a bonus, but it doesn't affect the main stigmas because as I said they are all advanced, but in the right column of the three new stigma slots I have a +9 ice sheet (because I never bothered making it +15 and advanced), that +9 stigma gets +10 from the bonus, acting like a +19 ice sheet. I also have socketed an advanced wind cut down (blue stigma in the blue slot of the three), and that acts like an advanced stigma itself and has the benefits of an advanced stigma.

In practice you need all your stigmas to be advanced because the breakthrough from a +15 to an advanced one is huge most of the times.


(Additional info: Stigmas can get up to +100 enchant I think, but it is impossible and if it fails it goes back to +15, theoretically if I could have a stormstrike +30 (or something) and it got +10 from the bonus, it would be a +40 stormstrike, and that would be better than the advanced because the cool down would have been near instant.)

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