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Rag's Quest XP Guide to 7.7


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So I did a little math to see if doing the Dailies/weeklies in different zones were worth the time and effort if you already had high renown in the zone and here's what I found:
(Disclaimer: Feel free to double check cause MATH IS HARD!) 

175,000,000 xp Per Extractor to create 1 XP Mark


Daily- Subterranea Post (Gelk) 17,500,000  x7 =  122,500,000

Daily- Rhonnam Refugee Village (Gelk) 17,500,000 x7 = 122,500,000

Daily- Gelkmaros Fortress Hecklers in the Netherworld 17,500,000 x7= 122,500,000

Daily- Gelkmaros Fortress- Hunting in Gelkmaros 17,500,000 x7 = 122,500,000

Weekly Fatebound Legion Garrison 102,084,500 X5 camps = 510,422,500


Grand Total-------------------    1,00,422,500 XP per week  /  175,000,000 = 5.7167 XP marks per week

Now let's look at Lakrum!

Support Captain Quests (5th level)
43,750,500 xp X 6 support tickets per day x7 days = 1,837,521,000

Weekly Artifacts: 44,625,510 x 18 (2 quests at each artifact) = 803,259,180  

  Grand Total ------------------    2,640,780,180  / 175,000,000 = 15.0901 xp marks per week



Defend Small Altar  31,500,360 x4 = 126,001,440

Defend the Medium Altar 42,000,480 x 4 = 168,001,920
Defend the Large Altar 52,500,600 x 4 = 210,002,400
Daily Protecting Legion Mining Camp  52,500,600 x4 = 210,002,400
Misc Weeklies 10,500,120 x6 = 63,000,720

Weekly Demaha Altar Defense 52,500,600 x2 = 105,001,200

Grand Total 882,010,080 / 175,000,000 = 5.04 xp marks per week



Crimson Katalam





Summary:  Through Questing you can gain around 25 XP marks per week. 

Do what you want with this information, personally I find it kind of depressing and think we need more XP options/rewards. 


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Loads of things are depressing of this game but the exp is worst of them all!

Calculating this you should probably take in account the PvP quests which in CKatalam are very worthy !


We deffo need the exp boost to come back ! And something to boost the PvP which is also the only aspect of the game that lures players back.

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To boost PvP you need to eliminate transformations and daevanions, level classes, that there is not so much difference between legendary and ultimate equipment, also level minions, among other things. PvP should be a personal skills competition. also match the fps and improve the ping of many players. And some more things that I have left in the inkwell. I don't blame Ncwest and their team (they do what they can), PvP became very boring due to the changes that were happening in the last updates.

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Imagine doing all these to get 25 XP marks by the end of the week and realize you need a lot more.

Even when we had the passive buff and coffin buff, normal mobs weren't even good enough, you still needed to kill like 50 of them for 1 XP mark, only LUT and bomb mobs worth doing.

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