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Skins... in Russia, skins wear you!


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So in RU official servers, along with having better store and more skin options they added another feature which is insanely good and would make the game more fun.

In every instance that is 80lvl every end boss drops "magic crystals", and with those you go to an NPC and buy a ton of different skins form older patches. How could they come up with such a simple, easy and fun way to make their gamers happy, right?

They have everything from Tac Officers, innocent Aris, Jotuns, Rank sets, Luncatic items, prowes sets, Reian sets, Seraph set, Danuar sets, Ambassador, Ophidan, themed sets... a ton of them which I can't even list them all.

They have emotes and motion cards, mounts, pets, a ton of those too.

I also asked my friend Kano to take screenshots of their God Sand Trader shop in the "Costume Tab" to see what they have vs what we have. I was told theirs have more or better skins, ours got some skins added lately, but we need more.

This is the male skins video from a person that plays there, and below is the female version. At the end of the female version video you can see how to get the crystals.

(Strangely you cannot watch it outside youtube as somehow youtube placed it under 18+ only lolz)

Male characters:

Female characters:


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9 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

The Dragon's Setttttt


I also don't have the Dragon Set motion 😢

I didn't even want to go through the skins or mounts I love because it would simply make a huge list and would only make me sad.

I don't need Classic Aion if we could have gotten this in our current patch. I'd stop playing Aion and start playing "Skin-online", for me it would be enough to be able to get them all. and they are tradeable/brokerable too. You could use alts to store them for back up, or use alts to make more with the easy instances.

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It will make people participate in 80 level instances, and give them a never ending feeling that they are doing it for a purpose instead of aimlessly repeating it for the sake of burning entries.

This system is amazing, there will be not a single person that will dislike it.

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