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Transformation Coin event


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By the amount we get every day we won't be able to buy anything, so f2p people cannot really take advantage of it right? Unless I am missing something, that 1300 coins apostle requires a lot of payments to be done and thus is useless.

You can get 3x normal transforms and use them to get the ultimate promotion.

So I am still staying with 0 apostles @Vantheria-DN I did 7 combines, got all old ones, and there is no f2p way we can get the sure apostles with this event.

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1 hour ago, Chardonnay-DN said:

@Kibbelz Please increase the amount of coins obtained daily, so that f2p players can get at least 1 Apostle, that would be very good .  🧔🏽👍🏽

I will say its a guarenteed legendary 10 type. You also got a legendary from the stormwing and at the end with get your 1 Apostle from your Stormwing as well so I don't really see an issue. Legendary is legendary lets just be happy we are getting them for 0 effort

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