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I think that KT economy has reached a difficult point because with every update, kinah sinks multiply, for example 1 yornforged weapon upgrade requires 94 XP marks which is an equivalent of 50 mil kinah, we are getting more and more gear that is retunable (up to 400 mil per piece for retuning), the new event selling reset scrolls andbuffs for kinah, and at last but not least, enchantment cost and exorbitant broker fees. At the same time, we see the sources of kinah farm shrink with the removal of luna light from contaminated underpath. With no efficient kinah source, population becomes poor and it is more and more difficult to sell stuff on broker. Developers seem to realize that because they introduced the new kinah chest event, however, that will likely be not enough. In the current situation, 1 kinah retune event will be welcome, so ppl save some money to revive the trade.

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To ensure we're setting realistic timelines for this type of thing... while we can seek to implement your feedback/requests, the timeline for implementing game/event changes is generally longer than 1-2 weeks due to nature of our development cycle.

There are exceptions, and we can rush certain things through in an emergency, but hopefully this is something we can bring in the near future! I know the team is aware of this request.

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