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@Kibbelz @Loki Take a look in that video and suggestions.
Nowadays pvp instances are dead and this is a possible salvation and I know many players would love those chances.
PvP in world map are worthless and  pvp in instance server are dead.  I recommend you to add more quests / rewards for pvp open world.
And chance some reward for others instances too like:
Increase the rewards for Arena of Tenacity to something that players need*.
Active the season for Arena of Tenacity too, without Luna for rewards but the rewards on that video, AP and Kinah.
The rest are in that video.
Do some event (Permanent) to put pvp quests in game and reward players with valuable items like:
Sanctify Potion
Ancient Refine 
Shards or Crystal of Prime Runestone, shining gemstone and Dazzling.
Shards of Apostles.
Itens of massive AP (500k, 1kk, 5kk)
Minions and others stuff.
Make pvp on AION worth, not something we just do for Luna (Discipline) or to enter pve instances.

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