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Aion repair project


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Sooo... hmm, I'd like to suggest... hmm... nah, nevermind. But thanks for asking :)


Idk, it seems like you book yourself for a chat of 20 minutes with the GM, in private. Good thing that the GMs show up in game (idk if feasible here) and take their time to talk with players. But it's not a discussion that involves the whole community, like GF is doing with its Daeva care program (that I find a good way to listen to your community, with feedback given on the forum, where everyone can read and comment). The Korean way would probably advantage the most veteran players, since their feedback will be probably more important, and I doubt that the GM would be able to talk with hundreds of "random" players.


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There are a total of 96 slots available for booking. Each slot lasts 20 minutes.

  • Friday 10/27: 12 slots
  • Saturday 10/28: 18 slots
  • Sunday 10/29:: 18 slots
  • Friday 11/03: 12 slots
  • Saturday 11/04: 18 slots
  • Sunday 11/05:: 18 slots

One booking per account only. And also looks like you have to be level 66+ on normal servers or level 46+ on master server to be eligible to book a timeslot with GM.

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I can think of a few things that have been listed countless time's but ignored.

Add real and meaningful quests and campaigns post 66+ that actually give real experience instead of 000.2% of the level.

Reduce the Experience needed for 66-75.

Reduce tempering from all future accessorys too +5max too make Pvp more even,Cap enchanting at +10/15 maximum.

Remove exploding gear via Tempering.

Remove exploding gear via enchanting,the supp thing was just another cashgrab.

Bring back merek pets 200% amulet and revamp it so it's valuable again.

Revamp the whole of the BCM remove outdated items and add new and exciting items,totally rework your pricing on all items.the bcm is stale and boring atm

Take quick and harsh action against cheaters and hackers regardless of money spent and permanently ban all accounts assosiciated with their main one.

Stop focusing so much on events and focus on adding excting content to get player's engaged and motivated in pve or pvp,or both.

Bring back old maps or find a way to rewrite them into lore,or design fun and engaging pvp maps.

Luna stop ripping player's off with change's Treasure chamber 3-5 price increase then reduced the prizes.Game of fate costs more than treasure chamber with rerolls for similar items.35 luna for end chest is far too costly when count the rerolls to even get it,blatant attempt to scam the playerbase yet again.

Stop rewarding those that Afk for Gp or abyss points and bring in a kick system for afkers or penalty system which rewards them nothing.

Arenas make these level based not 66 vs a 75 and so on.

Cap essence points and remove core's these create yet another massive gap for fair pvp.

Godstone's fine dont remove  them but reduce the duration on many,and severely limit their proc rates.

This game could be so awesome but they took forever to listen on release about experience and grudgingly gave Exp weekends,same as exploding manastones this company zergs for a quick buck instead of creating a lasting game,and loyal playerbase.

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It's a simple fix to keep things like this from happening.  Each of them should be required to create a character > and spend a specific amount of time in the game per week.

The best way to figure out what is wrong, is to have your hands in it - same as the other players.... and you will see how many hack, exploit, bot, sell gold and etc.

The best view to see clearly > is from the inside. 


I love the merge ... but.. 

I'm am proud of how I see Elyos helping out other Elyos in the Abyss when they are being attacked by Asmo, even if the Asmos out number them.  The attitudes when I'm in the squads is outstanding. 

I am proud of how the Elyos are giving our returning players and new fledglings advice and assistance.  How the older legions are lowering their recruiting level and allowing returning and new players to join.

This is the AION I remember from when it began. The strength of the game - is in the players and how they communicate and work together.

I'm happy to play now, so many things to do and .... actually got back into PvPing.  My items are selling on the broker and .. again, folks are very friendly and helpful.

We just seem to need more folks to show up to wars.

I appreciate we have such great communication - people listen when Asmos are spotted in lluma and many many go out to take care of the problem. More and more each day are out scouting and tracking down > killing rifting asmos.  It makes me very proud.

But we need more for the wars. The last one in Kaldor we were greatly outnumbered but had some amazing leaders calling out directions. I've not warred in so long, it was exhilarating and well earned GP.


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