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NCSoft, when are you banning the first bot?


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11 hours ago, Aiden said:

They've banned bots that I've reported. The GM's can't ban everyone that's reported right away.

Lies. I have reported many bots and I can login at any time of the day, use the search function, and see they're level 50 by this point, still grinding brusth/belus 24/7

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  • Aion Team

Sharing a reply from the other thread on this topic:  

8 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

Hi everyone,

First and foremost, to anyone in this thread, please make sure you are submitt any bot or cheating observations to https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

After reading this thread I hopped on a call with my primary contact on the team which deals with these reports, and let me say that after our discussion it's clear that we are actively banning bot accounts. As you might expect, bot developers (just like cheat developers) are constantly looking for ways to circumvent our detection approaches. I learned a lot about how we detect botters / hackers, and while I cannot go into any detail on how our detection system works (to ensure we're not aiding our opponents here) I can say that it's clear there's a lot going on on that front.

As a side note, I haven't seen Multiboxing come up much. For those unaware, Multiboxing can appear as botting to casual observation, but actually is not. It's popular in MMOs (especially remakes/classics) and as long as the player is managing the multiple characters themselves and not using any sort of macro / automation software, this is permitted in Aion Classic. This often leverages the '/follow' command and can appear similar to botting from an outsider perspective.

Anyhow, I hope all this info is helpful. We'll keep doing all we can on our front and please, please, please continue submitting those reports. While they are not necessarily essential to get bans done, they do help us be far more efficient in finding bots!



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