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Deava Pass Errors?


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So I a few little hiccups I noticed for this $30 pass...

  • "Deafeat 1 Eloys of 5th rank or above" appears for eloys players under season quests
  • "Deafeat 1 Asmodian of 5th rank or above" appears for asmo players under season quests
  • Obtain 1 Ceramium Medal appears under Season quest. (These aren't even in the game yet lol)
  • Level 44 item only appears as (5) 

@Kibbelz @Loki  Although I think this pass is an improvement over the last 2, still kinda sad that there's so many errors on such a spendy thing that is only unlocked for a single character per account when you spend the $30.... HINT HINT MAKE IT ACCOUNT WIDE, PROMOTE PLAYERS TO KEEP MAKING NEW CHARACTERS AND LEVELING THEM! KEEP LOW TIER CONTENT ALIVE!

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