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"Free Aura" Login Periods?


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36 minutes ago, Jake-DN said:

Forthyn you're lucky your #1 skin is prebuilt into the game right over at Panda. Asmo only skin too, v luck v luck.

Meanwhile I'm waiting until they put the jester outfit in the store :( 



Hopefully soon!

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I would love that we could have a few days of free Aura. Idk, maybe a few hours during weekends, or during some holidays.
I've been playing Classic casually for free cause since I don't have the time to be a hardcore player anymore, I don't think its worth paying.
It would be awesome to have more than just an hour for that. I think that could encourage more casual players to join the game too.

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2 hours ago, Forthyn - Asmodaes Pea-k said:

A better suggestion: How about making Israphel the Free-to-Play server, or at least extend the free login period to 4~5hours a day?

why shouldn't they do that: because then, for example, I won't renew my subscription (unless I've moved to Siel with my characters and their names) understood?
So if NC announced that it would be the death bell for the server ...

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But forgive me: It's free, you don't have to pay for it!
With restrictions, of course, but it doesn't cost you anything.
And if you want to make progress (in more ingame-hours )then it is worth paying for yourself!
Just think about it -> are you already working for free?

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if you want to attract players to the server, you should consider creating an incentive for it ...
How about a free Battlepass (& btw only for all those who have / or activate a subscription) for one month for all characters on this sparsely populated server?

once for the next three months?

if that doesn't attract players then you can forget about the game right away

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